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Dr Anne Trussell

I have to say that Dr. Roger and Dr. Tara Gardner changed my opinion of chiropractors.  My mom had a bad experience when I was a child, so as a physician I was definitely nervous about referring my patients to chiropractors.  I met the Gardners in 1996 when we moved to Conway.  They became my patients in my internal medicine practice and I loved them as people!  They educated me about what a chiropractor can offer and I started referring patients to them.  Fourteen years later I’m still referring patients.  Dr. Roger even relieved MY headache during HIS office visit at my clinic!  I can highly recommend Gardner Chiropractic Clinic.  My patients come back in much less pain feeling much, much better.  Thank you so much!!  Anne Rowland Trussell, M.D. Internal Medicine Little Rock, AR

Marcia C

When I first moved to Conway in 1988 and needed a chiropractor, my mother-in-law suggested seeing Dr. George Gray.  For years she had seen Dr. Gray.  He became my chiropractor also.  About ten years later Dr. Gray merged his practice with Dr. Roger Gardner.  As Dr. Gray began to retire, Dr. Gardner began to see more and more of Dr. Gray’s patients.  He understood my fibromyalgia and the need to work with my areas of pain.  It wasn’t long until Dr. Roger did all my adjustments.  He would always take time to listen about my areas of pain, each time I visited.  He has a way of making all patients comfortable and relaxed during the adjustment.  For years there has never been a waiting period of over fifteen minutes.  Once, Dr. Gardner humoroulsy said, “There’s healing in these hands.”  “Yes, I thought, there certainly is.”  Two years before Dr. Gray retired, Dr. Tara Gardner, Roger’s daughter, finished graduate school in chiropractic medicine.  She came on board with her father and has all the qualities that both Dr. Gray and Dr. Roger had. I enjoy being a patient at Gardner Chiropractic Clinic.  You may have quiet therapy after your adjustment or Dr. Tara, like her father, can carry on an interesting conversation with anyone.  Dr. Roger is now semi-retired.  Like many other Conway businesses, the torch has been passed to the next generation.  With the same pleasant and cheerful spirit, Dr. Tara now sees all of the patients, new and regular.  By the way, no one at the clinic ever tries to sell “magic pills or products.”  The adjustment is strictly hands on.  Dr. Tara has a gentle, feminine touch.  With her soft touch to move the spine into alignment, I never go home with pain in the adjusted areas.  I always feel like my body has been cleansed on the inside.  I would make a trip to Gardner Chiropractic Clinic every day if my insurance would help me pay for it.  I would certainly give Gardner Chiropractic Clinic the highest recommendation.  If you are in need, freedom from pain is a phone call away.  Join with me in making Dr. Tara Gardner your chiropractor. Marcia C Business Owner Conway, AR

Rhonda W
Dr. Gardner, I recently visited your office for an evaluation and adjustment based on a referral from a close friend.  I have to say it was, and continues to be the best experience I’ve ever encountered at any medical facility I have been to in the past.  Your staff was knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful.  The online forms you have on your website saved us lots of time up front and were easy to fill out and submit.  The actual adjustments have made a huge difference.  I feel better now than I have in years.  Even though I have to travel about 40 miles to Conway, I will continue to use Gardner Chiropractic for as long as necessary. Thank you again, Rhonda W Paramedic Yell County, EMS
Pamela K

I work in an IT environment and have to be in front of a computer most of the day. Through the years the old neck has gotten worn out and I started having some pain.  I thought about going to the doctor and letting them tell me that I had some kind of carpal tunnel or some other thing that needed surgery.  Instead, I decided to look up a chiropractor.  I had been to a chiropractor before and it had helped me at that time, but it had been a while.  I did not want to have any surgery so this was the next best thing.

I chose to go to Gardner Chiropractic. When I called there was a very friendly voice on the other end so I knew that I was coming to the right place.  They welcomed me, took x-rays and assessed my pain.  That was two years ago.  I still come to see them on a regular basis so that my pain is minimal.

The two Gardner, Tara and Roger are not only very professional and good chiropractors, they make me feel comfortable with the treatment they give me and are sure to explain thoroughly any questions I may have. The doctors are very knowledgeable and I have learned so much from them.  I understand how my body responds to the treatment and I know a little more of what to look for when I have pain.  They have always been very helpful with all of my insurance paperwork and make sure that I understand the payments.  I am glad to say that I am very happy to have them in my life and I am able to do my job with a little more ease and a lot less pain in my neck.  If it wasn’t for them, I would have probably had surgery and been in a disabled position.

Thanks Dr. Tara and Dr. Roger!

Pamela K

Information Technology

Little Rock, AR

Sharon B

I married into a Chiropractic Family and was very skeptical about getting chiropractic adjustments. I had some concerns, not knowing what to expect.  My husband’s brother was my first chiropractor and he helped ease my concerns and, in turn helped me to be healthier.  My family moved to Conway fifteen years ago and weren’t sure what we would do for a chiropractor.  Gardner Chiropractic Clinic came highly recommended.  Dr. Roger and Dr. Tara have helped me tremendously.  I’ve had different aches and pains and after getting an adjustment I always get relief.  Gardner Chiropractic is interested in the health of their patients.  They always take time to listen and get to know you as an individual.  My health is a lot better thanks to them.

Thanks Dr. Tara, you are the best!

Sharon Bradley

Physical Education Teacher

Conway, AR

Jamie E

Dr. Gardner worked me in as a new patient when I was desperately in need of some pain relief. She addressed my problem with complete thoroughness.  I appreciate the care I received and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thank you Dr. Gardner for the excellent care you provided.

Jamie E

Civil Engineer / Business Owner

Atkins, AR

Barbara K

My husband and I can’t express enough how thankful we are for what Dr. Tara and Dr. Roger Gardner do for us. They are experts at what they do.  I don’t understand how people can live without chiropractic care.  It would be difficult for us to function without chiropractic care.  We’d have to be on pain killers to survive.  A huge thank you to the two Drs. Gardner for all you do for us.

Barbara K

Conway, AR

Paul B

Gardner Chiropractic,

Thank You! Thank you for keeping my family and me healthy for the past 15 years.  My family and I moved to Conway 15 years ago and we have been loyal patients of Gardner Chiropractic Clinic ever since.  The personal attention we receive makes us feel that we are part of their family.  I tell everyone that I don’t know the difference between aspirin and Tylenol because I don’t take either one.  If I have a headache or other aches and pains, I get to Gardner Chiropractic.  I miss getting adjusted by Dr. Roger and discussing politics with him, but Dr. Tara is doing a great job at keeping us healthy and young.

My son J.P., started seeing Dr. Roger Gardner when he was 1 year old. Dr. Roger was his first chiropractor and Dr. Tara is now his favorite, and the greatest.  J.P. also loves the way she keeps him in shape.

Over the years, we have both had many aches and pains and the professional care we have received has made us healthier.     Also, if we needed other types of physician care, they would both always steer us in the right direction.

Paul B

Business Management

Conway, AR

Dr Andrea H

I would like to thank Dr. Tara Gardner for all the adjustments over the years. I’m not able to see her as often as I would like, but when I do my back always feels 100 times better.  Dr. Roger and Dr. Tara are also great at giving advice on how to keep my back and neck healthy.  I would definitely recommend Gardner Chriropractic Clinic.

Thanks Dr. Tara!

Dr. Andrea H


Columbia, South Carolina

Joy L



I have seen Dr. Gardner after two different car accidents. After my first injury, I didn’t go to him immediately and waited until I was unable to function, and had such severe upper back pain I was barely able to even get to his office.  After a few visits he improved my pain level tremendously and soon I was back to normal.

After my second accident I didn’t bother to wait for the pain, I went to him immediately for treatment. He helped my back and neck get back into shape and kept me from becoming totally hindered with pain like I had been after my first accident.

Drs. Roger and Tara Gardner both are professional, friendly, and two chiropractors that I would refer people to any time! If not for them, I honestly don’t know what condition my back and neck would be in.  They are wonderful people and an asset to the Conway community.

Joy L

Public Teacher

Little Rock, AR

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Amy E
Brenda R
Kathy V
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